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Aspire meeting details

Upcoming meetings dates:

15 July 2017 @ The Palms

29 July 2017 @ The Palms

12 August 2017 @ The Palms

Usual time: Fortnightly 2.30 - 4.00 pm

Usual venue: The Palms Community Centre near the corner Rokeby Rd & Thomas St  Subiaco. Aerial picture below.

Location of venue

Feedback is the key to success in Toastmaster training. It is given verbally after each project speech and expanded with written comments.... more

How feedback makes you grow

Easily! We train you in a segment called Table Topics where we ask you to speak on a topic without notice for about one minute. This might seem a little challenging at first but with practice you will soon be able to quickly collect ideas and present them in a fluent way. It is like learning to ride a bike: It might seem difficult at first but soon you can do it without thinking about it.   ......more

My mind goes blank whenever I stand up to speak to a group. How would you get me over this?

Frequently asked questions

How is it possible to get all this for such a modest amount of money?  .....  more

Well, no it's not expensive. It costs $40 as a once only joining fee and $70 for 6 month's membership.

Yikes! All this must be very expensive?

Aspire is one of the few Toastmasters clubs that regularly has visiting professional trainers ....more

Firstly the Toastmaster, who is the member rostered to run the meeting, is introduced. We then go into a word game to warm up. Often it is a story one sentence at a time, where we work around the room with each member adding one sentence, trying to make a coherent story. This always generates a lot of laughs with people taking the story in unexpected directions.  ... more

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Aspire's visiting professional trainers

What Happens at Aspire Meetings?

If you want to advance your skills rapidly you have the option of having your presentations videoed for self evaluation at home.


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Aspire's secret weapon - video

The mix of members in Aspire Toastmasters is one of the things that makes it so successful. ...more

Discover the Magic of Aspire Toastmasters

There are three phases in the Toastmasters leadership training program....more

On Leadership Training:
Michael Malone,  founder of iiNet, said

“In my opinion the leadership program in Toastmasters is excellent, superior to many of the expensive courses out there. And I have experienced a lot of leadership and management courses, delivered to both my staff and me.”

Learning to speak without notice is like learning to ride a bike; it might seem difficult at first but with the right training you will soon be able to speak fluently with ease. ... more

10 Steps to Success

Now you can develop your public speaking skills in a friendly environment without the life pressures that sometimes overshadow weekday meetings

We are centrally located in Subiaco at The Palms Centre near the corner of Rockeby Rd and Thomas St, handy to the city and freeways. See picture of venue adjacent. There is plenty of free parking.

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The Secret to Impromptu Speaking

The Toastmasters 10 step training program has an awesome record of success: It is easily the most successful public speaking training program in the world. ...more


Perth Toastmasters best Saturday Afternoon club.